Patch 0.09.50

Bug Stomping And Dragon Dodging

The game is getting cleaner, tighter, and better. And that’s because of the hard work the team is putting in. And it’s not just hard work but a lot of work. This patch includes the following:

  • Updated Character Models, Skins and Animations,
  • Updated Particle Effects,
  • Reworked Magic Projectiles,
  • Numerous Bug Fixes, and
  • Further UI Improvements.

Updated Characters

Every character has now had a full face lift! The gnomes are prettier, the hedgehogs spikier, trolls scarier, goblins greener. You get the idea. With the new models came new skins, smoothing out all those early aspects that are best not remembered. It wouldn’t be enough if we stopped there. We’ve also added a slew of new animations to every character to really bring out their personalities. On top of that, there’s a hive a new dragons waiting to be discovered.

Updated Particle Effects

Fire! Let there be fire! And along with it plenty of smoke. We’ve updated the look of fire magic and all its components. Goblins and warriors have also had their particle effects updated. The other magic and character effects are also in the works, so come version 1.0 everything will be sparkling. It may require some extra special effects to truly make everything sparkle… and isn’t it oh so pretty when everything glitters!

Reworked Magic Projectiles

Dragons, mages and even you the player have had the magic reworked. This improves the base functionality of magic and makes sure everything is more cohesive in its appearance. Overall magic just works better for everyone, like it’s… magic?

Bug Fixes

Even after all this time things don’t always work. Yeah it’s awkward, but it’s also a normal part of game development. Which is part of the reason why we’re in Early Access - not so we can ship bugs, but so we can show you that we’re working on them. And working on them we are. This patch pushes numerous solutions to some of the most common problems. Magic wasn’t affecting characters or the player properly, it does now. Spawner buttons are no longer troublesome. You can’t teleport through the terrain. We’ve sorted most if not all rendering issues. Animations aren’t weird any longer. It’s been a good thorough clearing of the bug backlist and the game is better for it.

Further UI Improvements

Once more we’ve been working on the UI in an effort to improve its efficiency, readability and in order to prepare it for localization. Currently we’re planning on launching with Japanese support, though that’s only for the UI. We don’t have any plans to localize the little voice over we currently have. Who knows, maybe that and more languages will be supported in the future. We’re always open to that, as we are a multilingual team - we speak English, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, and Spanish. 

That’s it for this update, but stay tuned cause there’s more on the way for A Giant Problem! But for that we need your feedback. Please be sure to reach out to us on the Steam Forums, on our Discord or via our support email.

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