Our 2021 Roadmap

We’re looking forward to 2021 and here’s why!

We made it through, and we launched it into Early Access on April Fool’s Day in the midst of the pandemic and the restrictions they put here in place in Finland. For us that meant no movement outside of the capital region, closing of schools, and other limits. It sucked, but we got through it alive and with a game going out.

We’ve been dedicated to improving what we’ve made and adding to it to the point we’ve put out 8 patches of various sizes. Those patches have steadily improved the game, added content and increased the features that make you feel like a giant. So overall the team is quite happy with the progress we’ve made on A Giant Problem. That is of course because we know what’s coming. And we’re happy to finally tell you all about it.

The New Roadmap

As you can see from the updated map what we’re planning on delivering has changed. Most notably, there will be a campaign! And we’re excited about that, cause who doesn’t love a good story and want some reasoning behind what’s happening. We’re still delivering eight maps, more magic, more enemies and varieties, allies, upgrades, and the repair hammer.

To date the game has been more of a rogue-lite, in that each play session is a run and upon losing you have to start all over. The addition of a campaign changes this. Namely the game no longer becomes about staving off loss, rather you’re trying to achieve goals which generally feels a lot better. At the same time we will be refining the rogue-lite aspects and putting them out as a new Endless Mode. It also means we get to provide a story and lore, explanations for why you are doing what you’re doing. A vital thing for us as a company because all involved want to be making games with a story

Together the campaign and endless mode will offer a lot, and to players with different likes. And we want this game to be both appealing and fun. Fun is different for different people, which is why both modes will be available from the start once we reach 1.0. Our major focus in this updated roadmap and for version 1.0 is about making a fun and playable game. That’s why certain features are currently out of scope - they’re nice, but not necessities to achieving the goal of a fun and playable game.

Change of Scope

If you compare our roadmap for 2020 with that for 2021 you’ll see some features or plans have changed. That’s an inevitable part of game development. We’ve had a lot of ideas for this game. Many we’ve tested and found them simply not fun, or too complex to implement successfully. Others didn’t fit with the pillars of the game, which have always been:

  1. Make the Player Feel Powerful,
  2. Family Friendly,
  3. Keep It Simple.

We’re going to deliver all of this and more. That’s our plan for what we will accomplish this year, so we hope you’re with us for the rest of the journey as we continue to add to and improve A Giant Problem, and grow our community.

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