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2020 sure has been something. So we thought why not make it a little more amusing. And what’s more amusing than a game called A Giant Problem? You can do that by going to Steam and voting for A Giant Problem for VR Game of the Year!

This game has been the literal embodiment of the year, hence why we think we deserve such an illustrious award! It launched into Early Access on April Fools. It’s got a name that’s not just figurative. We as a company nearly went under, but we’re still here and kicking. And there’s nothing like smashing things when you’re annoyed. 2020 keeps throwing things at you and so does this game. But you’ll be knocking them out, back and into nothingness until 2021 and beyond!

It also helps that our game is currently on sale for 20% off! Meaning it’s now 6,55€ ($7.99 USD). Making it the perfect time for you to get A Giant Problem. So head over to Steam - pick up a copy and vote!

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