Patch 0.07.02

A Much Needed Change Albeit A Small One

Key to this game is the ability to throw. That’s affected by a number of factors, namely the hardware you the player are using. Long story short, we’ve accounted for most of those differences so the game should feel better! We’ve also made a slew of other improvements, changes and fixes including:

  • Throwing Improvements,
  • More Stuff Causes Damage
  • Dragons Preventing Game Ending Bug Fixed, 
  • Dragons Can be Picked Up Now, 
  • Holstered Hammer Doesn't Fix Things Anymore, 
  • Warrior's Health Fixed, 
  • Goblins from Warriors Fixed in Multiple Ways,
  • Lost Ziggurat Improvements,
  • Stele Oasis Houses Fixed,
  • Destroyed Houses No Longer Generate Mana, and
  • Objects in Water Now Sink

Throwing Improvements

Each VR controller model behaves differently. That means throwing and other interactions can vary widely. Which isn’t great in terms of consistency nor making players feel like giants. So we’ve done another round of improvements to account for the differences. Not all controllers have been accounted for, just the most common. But we will get to the rest soon.

Barrels, Hay Bales, Wagons and Rubber Ducks Cause Damage

We talk about this game as being about using anything you get your hands on to be a weapon. And then we littered the maps with barrels - a classic bit of video game design. Except the barrels did nothing. Now they do. Enjoy. And so does every other little thing you can pick up. So seriously, enjoy some death by duck.


Dragons are pesky creatures especially when you’re a giant. For one thing they didn’t want to get picked up, yet they also didn’t want the game to end. Both of those have changed. So throw them to your hearts’ content, pick them up and pet them, do what you will. And all in the confidence that once your gold is gone, the game is over.

The Repair Hammer

When all you’ve got is a hammer everything looks like a nail, even when that hammer is resting comfortably in your belt. The hammer was knocking around and hitting things and if they needed to be fixed then they were getting fixed. Well no more! Now things only get repaired when you decide to fix them with a mighty swing.

Warriors and Goblins

With Warrior 2.0 we introduced a minor issue related to the amount of health a warrior has. That’s been fixed. Along with some issues that occur with the goblins that spew forth from the warriors under the right conditions. The goblins will no longer slide upon spawning and they can now stand up if thrown.

Lost Ziggurat

Tossing things into holes can be fun. It’s one of the joys of playing on Lost Ziggurat. You can just pile up boulders and trees till the cows come home. That doesn’t make for great gameplay though if you’re able to block all the enemies from making their way out. So we’ve implemented something we call quicksand on the path up, so objects sink and disappear, allowing the enemies to keep coming unhindered.  We’ve also fixed some movement issues related to the map and better spaced out the houses and magic spawners.

House Fixes

There were a number of issues affecting houses, some only on particular maps. Needless to say they’ve all been resolved. So now the houses on Stele Oasis have a hit and destruction animation as well as health bars. And all houses no longer generate mana when destroyed. It just didn’t seem fair for them to do so, especially for lore reasons.

Water Is Wet, Lava Is Hot

Okay it’s not wet in the traditional sense, but does act more like water in that anything in it doesn’t display it so much as it sinks and disappears. Just like quicksand, only faster. Trees, rocks, barrels, anything tossed into the sea on Ragged Shore will now up and sink. Same goes for all the other maps and their water. And on The Cauldron lava does much the same. Both of these features will be improved further in the future, with splashes and particle effects, but for the moment we thought we’d add some more realism.

That’s it for this update. And as always, we have more in store for A Giant Problem. But for that we need your feedback. Please be sure to reach out to us on the Steam Forums, on our Discord or via our support email.

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