Patch 0.06.02

We’re relaxing… seriously we are. We just thought we’d put out a small patch at the same time.

As you can see from the beautiful artwork Minna, our Art Director, has created, even our characters are having a nice, relaxing summer break. Though they do occasionally try to sneak in and steal some gold. But we hope you’re getting to relax, remaining safe, and stopping the hordes now and then.

This is smaller patch to just add a few things including:

  • Tuned the Difficulty and Rewards,
  • Additional Particle Effects, and
  • Updated NavMeshes.

Difficulty & Rewards

We’re constantly tuning the difficulty to make the game as fun as possible, while being welcoming to new players. It’s not an easy task. But it’s one we know we’re up for. So in this leaks tweak we’ve tried to soften the start and ramp up more gradually.  We’ve also doubled the amount of credits you receive at the end of a session, in the hopes of enabling unlocks sooner.

Throwing Trails

The game is generally better, and now it also looks better. We’ve been adding particle effects to more things that you interact with. Seriously, who doesn’t like more sparkles, explosions and lights everywhere! The addition of these particle effects should help you track your throws better and make for better streaming and screenshots.


This is a minor thing and you may not notice any differences, but we’ve updated the NavMeshes following some small changes to things we’ve done on the maps. Nothing has moved or changed beyond what’s included in the NavMesh. This is a long way of saying the characters should move about the maps better.

That’s it for this update. We expect the next to be in August. And as always, we have more in store for A Giant Problem. But for that we need your feedback. Please be sure to reach out to us on the Steam Forums, on our Discord or via our support email.

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